Tuesday 7 October 2014

How to Plan a Party

What makes a party work? I am sure that if I had an unlimited budget, my parties would all be amazing. I could just call a professional party planner and tell them the date and expectations for my party and they would see that it all happened. Unfortunately I have never had an unlimited budget when throwing any party. In fact, I have often had to be very creative to accommodate my limited budget and truthfully, I think if I were to totally turn my parties over to a professional, I would miss out on the satisfaction that comes from planning and executing all of the party details. The key to any successful party is in the organization and effort that goes into the planning. Spontaneous parties are possible, but usually a well planned party is more relaxing for the host and tends to go smoother than one that is haphazardly thrown together at the last minute. Here is a list of a possible party planning schedule that you can print up and use as a check list. Click here for printable version.

One Month To Party:
□ Generate a Budget
□ Choose a Theme
□ Create a Guest List – If it’s an event in honour of someone else, get an address book from that person or from his or her friends and family.
□ Select a Menu – Are you having a sit-down dinner or buffet? Hors d’oeuvres or snack foods? Will you be making the food yourself or hiring a caterer? Are there specific foods you’re going to serve? If you have a theme, try to make the food fit that theme.
□ Consider decorations
□ Send out invitations if RSVP is needed

Two Weeks to Party:
□ Send out invitations if no RSVP needed
□ Take Inventory of party supplies
  □  tableware
□  cutlery
□  linens
□  tables
□  chairs
□  decorations
□  party favors
□ Book Entertainment, Catering and Party Rentals – Most places are able to assist you, but the more time that is given to them the better. This ensures that you will get your first choices.
□ Place Special Orders if needed
□  the cake
□  floral arrangements
□  specialty foods
□  decorations
□  Shop for Non-Perishables – Anything including food that won’t spoil by the party date
□  napkins
□  beverages
□  decorations
□  costumes
□  supplies for games or activities
□  new outfit for the host

One Week to Party:
□  Finalize with caterers, hired entertainment or party rentals.
□  Call any RSVPs who haven’t responded.
□  Review Party Plan and consider the logistics of party
□  schedule of events including games and other activities
□  seating arrangements
□  food prep and serving areas
□  place for shoes and coats
□ Grocery and Last Minute Shopping – Even if you’re having the event catered, it’s always better to have some essentials such as milk, eggs, butter, bread and snacks available just in case. Also grab some last-minute items as they come up and stock up on toilet paper!
□ Decide on Music

Day Before Party:
□ Clean where guests will see especially the bathroom!
□ Decorate –  Do as much as possible the day before the party, even if that means ducking under streamers for the evening. It will be one less thing to do on the actual party date.
□ Solicit help from friends or family
□ Pre-Party Food Prep – Place bottles of pop and water in the refrigerator so they will be nice and cool for your guests when they arrive. Also cook or bake any foods that can be left out or refrigerated overnight or create mixtures for easy use on the day of.

Party Day:
□ Pick up helium balloons and cake (if ordered)
□ Finish food prep – Have a list ready of all the items being served and prepare them in order of what doesn’t need to be served hot to food that does.
□ Set the table
□ Organize Chairs and Tables.
□ Note Delivery Schedule for all rentals or catering
□ Get Serving Dishes and Snacks Ready
□ Have any props for games or crafts ready
□ Have FUN and relax!

Photo credit © Poznyakov | Dreamstime.com 

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