Tuesday 25 November 2014

Party Manners Please! Thank You.

Naturally you’d like your birthday child to be a beautifully behaved, courteous host or hostess who is more concerned about their guests’ pleasure than about his or her own. Yeah, well, don't hold your breath. More likely that won’t happen for a good many years. Parties often bring out the worst in very young children–your own and the guests. While manners are important, don’t ruin the party for your child by prompting or scolding; this isn’t the time.

Though your child's natural inclination will not yet be to assume the perfect role of host, you can prevent embarrassing rudeness by talking about the party beforehand. We are so used to party traditions that we often forget to tell a 2 or 3 year old what to expect. It’s a good idea to talk about the sequence of events and the rules you expect to be followed. You can try to get a few simple messages about good manners across to all but the youngest of children by following these simple suggestions:

•Encourage your child to disguise his or her ‘me first’ behavior, at least to the extent of saying hello to the guests before grabbing the presents.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Thursday Theme: Artist Party

Let your imagination go wild with this fun party theme. If your kid loves to paint, draw or create, they will enjoy an artist party.

Instead of traditional party games, plan simple art activities but keep in mind that art is about the process not the final product. Instead of planning craft activities where the guest make something from a model, provide a variety of materials and let the children be creative.

Younger kids will enjoy creating masterpieces using finger paints, clay,and stickers. If you are concerned about messes and spills, take the party outside.

Get rolls of newsprint from the local newspaper (they often sell roll ends for quite a bargain). Roll out the paper along the floor or tape to a wall to provide a giant mural or banner that everyone can work on together.

Give the children sidewalk chalk to decorate the driveway or sidewalk in front of your house.

Buy large plastic painting sheets or tarps at the dollar store and completely cover the floor and wall of

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Presents at Kid's Parties--When to Open the Gifts and How to Make it Go Smoothly

For most kids, the presents are the highlight of their party. Sometimes, however, it can be a difficult time for the guests since, after all, the presents are not for them. Also, children can be brutally honest and say the darndest things. My nephew, for example, was thrilled with most of the toys he received as gifts but when he opened some clothes from his grandmother he tossed them asside and said, "I hate this!" My sister-in-law was mortified and had to quickly try to make him apologize. It is important to talk with the birthday child before the party about manners. Stress the importance of saying "thank you" for each present--even the ones they may not love. Play "What If?" with the child to practice what to say if they already have something like the gift they just opened, if they don't like the gift or if there is any problem with the gift in any way (for example, if they have an allergy or are not allowed to have certain toys like guns).

When it comes to presents I prefer to leave the present opening for the end of the party but really,

Friday 7 November 2014

Friday Freebie: Cake Favor Box

Fridays we like to give away free printables to use at your next party. This week's freebie is a cake favor box that you can use at your next bakers themed party or any festive occasion. Click to download pdf and enjoy!

Thursday 6 November 2014

Thursday Theme: Baking Party

A fun and delicious theme for a party is a bakers theme. Kids love to help make and eat yummy baked goods. If you are nervous about having several little helpers in your kitchen, simply do all of the actual baking before hand and have the guests participate by decorating cupcakes or cookies that you make in advance. But let’s face it, the kids will feel even better if they actually get to make the goodies. It’s a good idea to only plan on baking one or two things so having something already baked that the kids can just decorate might be good to fill in time while another dish is baking. For younger kids, it is a good idea to crack eggs and measure ingredients ahead of time and have them in small bowls or cups so that the children can help add ingredients easily. Don’t let the kids pick what items you are going to make. Only plan on baking one or two things during the party.

Purchase or make plain aprons for the kids to decorate with fabric markers and accessories.

Play games like Don’t Eat Pete, Memory Tray (using kitchen gadgets), Pass the Parcel, Pin the Smile on the Gingerbread Cookie, Cookie Jar (like Fruit Basket but change the fruit to be different cookies like chocolate chip, peanutbutter, ginger snaps etc), Smell it!, Feel it! or Cake, Cake, Pie (Duck, Duck, Goose).

With game prizes, baked treats and fun aprons, you won't even have to have a goodie bag.

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