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I am a stay at home mom with 4 fabulous children and an amazing and supportive husband. When my kids were little we didn’t have a lot of money and I had to be creative to compete with the lavish and expensive birthday parties where the host paid several hundred dollars to a business who then provided the entertainment for the party including mini golf, ice skating, laser tag, gigantic jungle gyms, gymnastics, karate, rock climbing, movies etc. I had to make my parties exciting enough that the guests were entertained and my kids felt like they weren’t getting ripped off. If the kids weren’t impressed with my efforts the parents usually were, after all, I was so brave to do this. I guess I had a bit of an advantage in the fact that home parties were rare and there wasn’t much of a reference point. I learned quickly what things seemed to work and what didn’t and had several parents comment that I should go into the party business, something I didn’t seriously consider until the popularity of the internet changed the way we share information and I decided that there were people out there who wanted to have home parties, they just didn’t know where to start. As my kids got older and turned into teenagers, I was anxious to provide fun and entertaining parties for all occasions that encouraged socializing, conversation and mingling as opposed to watching a movie or just hanging out.

Around the time that I decided to go into the party business my oldest son and his cousin found a boxed murder mystery game at my in-laws and decided to have a group date and play the game. Before they handed out the invitations I asked to read the plot for research and was horrified to find it centered around a porno ring! I realized then that there are probably a lot of people like my son who unknowingly have put themselves in an uncomfortable situation when playing a murder mystery game. Obviously if you want to participate in a murder mystery game it is impossible to read through all of the information to check the appropriateness of the content without discovering the solution and spoiling the game. Motivated by this I created my own murder mysteries and I am pleased to report that all are inoffensive and appropriate for even the most conservative guests--well, except for the fact that they are about a murder!

Besides being a writer of sorts, I am also an artist.  I enjoy drawing, painting and scrapbooking. Recently I discovered Adobe Illustrator and the joys of creating digital artwork.  I am still learning but I have found that I can incorporate this into my party business with party printables-- DIY decorating kits with customizable banners, party favors, cupcake wrappers and more.  I also love Polynesian dancing, walking, running, music (I play the piano, flute and violin), quilting and reading but most of all I love being with my family and friends.

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