Tuesday 9 December 2014

How to Preserve Your Party Memories

I don’t have a single photo of any of the parties of my childhood and consequently I can’t remember anything specific about them other than that I had parties. I remember a few of the standard games we played at most every party and that we went ice skating once but other than that, it is all gone. Sure we didn’t do themes, there were no elaborate decorations or cakes and even if we had taken photos they certainly wouldn’t have been Pinterest worthy events, yet I wish I had just one photo from each one to help me remember. When I started having parties for my own children I vowed that I would make it a point to preserve the memories as best I could. I am a journal writer and if nothing else, I have recorded a few details of each party in writing. The photos I took over the years, however, are less impressive. Often I got so caught up in the details of the parties that I missed out on wonderful Kodak moments that I will never happen again. But, the point is, I did take photos. Remember, the photos don’t have to be perfect, even a quick snapshot taken with your phone, is better than nothing. Here are some suggestions to make capturing the memories easier and better:

•Consider getting an adult friend, a sitter, or spouse to take the pictures or videos so you can devote yourself to the children. Yes, you can do it yourself, but you’ll be spreading yourself pretty thin.

•Prepare the area you will be taking pictures by opening all the shades or curtains and turning on as many lights as possible. The more light you have the better quality of your images (this applies to both video and still photography).

•To take a group photo, tell the children you’re going to count to 3 and take one “serious” pose. Next tell them they can be as “goofy” as they want to be while you count again; you’ll probably get two photos worth saving! You can also try to

Friday 5 December 2014

Friday Freebie: editable baby shower printable

Fridays we like to give away free printables to use at your next party. This week's freebie is an editable baby shower printable that you can use at your next baby doll shower themed party or any festive occasion. Click to download pdf and enjoy!

Thursday 4 December 2014

Thursday Theme: Baby Doll Shower/Tea Party

If your little girl loves her dolls like mine did, a fun party idea is to have a shower for your daughter’s dolls and her friends’ dolls. This can be a birthday party theme or just for fun. In the invitation request that the guests bring their favorite baby dolls and have the girls dress up like mommies. Set up two tables with chairs: one for the girls and a smaller place for all the baby dolls. Use small toy dishes for the dolls complete with animal crackers and baby bottles. Play simple baby shower games like these listed below:

Diaper Pins –Fold white felt squares into a diaper shape and secure with a safety pin. Thread a piece of pink or blue yarn through the diaper so that it makes a little necklace for the guest to wear throughout the party. No one knows until the end when they are all opened together that one of the diapers has a mini chocolate chip in it and whoever has the poopy diaper gets a prize.

Count the Jelly Bellies – This is a simple baby shower game idea. Buy a regular sized baby bottle and fill it with pastel colored jelly bellies. Make sure to count them as
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