Thursday 4 December 2014

Thursday Theme: Baby Doll Shower/Tea Party

If your little girl loves her dolls like mine did, a fun party idea is to have a shower for your daughter’s dolls and her friends’ dolls. This can be a birthday party theme or just for fun. In the invitation request that the guests bring their favorite baby dolls and have the girls dress up like mommies. Set up two tables with chairs: one for the girls and a smaller place for all the baby dolls. Use small toy dishes for the dolls complete with animal crackers and baby bottles. Play simple baby shower games like these listed below:

Diaper Pins –Fold white felt squares into a diaper shape and secure with a safety pin. Thread a piece of pink or blue yarn through the diaper so that it makes a little necklace for the guest to wear throughout the party. No one knows until the end when they are all opened together that one of the diapers has a mini chocolate chip in it and whoever has the poopy diaper gets a prize.

Count the Jelly Bellies – This is a simple baby shower game idea. Buy a regular sized baby bottle and fill it with pastel colored jelly bellies. Make sure to count them as
you are putting them in. Have each baby shower guest write down how many jelly bellies they think are in the bottle. The guest that comes the closest wins.

Guess the baby food – Buy baby food and take the labels off and replace with a number (so you know what is in the jar but the guests don’t) Have the girls either taste or smell the baby food and guess what kind it is.

What’s In the Bag? – Gather up some lunch bags and place small baby items in them. Number the bags and secure them closed. Have guests feel the bags and write down what baby item they think is in the bag. The person that guesses the most right is the winner! (If the guests are too young to write, you can pass a bag around and then have everyone take a guess and then pass the next bag around). Some items you can include in the bags are:
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Small bottle of baby wash
  • Baby shoe
  • Baby sock
  • Baby comb
  • Bib
  • Rattle
  • Diaper
  • Pacifier
  • Small stuffed toy

Play Dough Babies – Make or purchase several small containers of brightly colored play dough. Give each guests some dough and have them sculpt their best version of a baby.

You can also do relays or races of sorts: crawling races, changing diapers, dressing baby dolls, stroller races, drinking out of bottles or sippy cups, or giving the babies piggy back rides.

Pass the Parcel is always a fun game and you can include little prizes for the guest’s dolls in each layer.

Photo credit: © Volodina | Dreamstime.com - Little Girl With A Doll Photo

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