Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thursday Theme: Crazy Lunch/Dinner

A fun party for kids or adults is to have a crazy dinner where the guests pick their courses from a menu with silly made up names for each food item and different utensils.  Prepare your menu and then think up silly names for each item.  The names for the menu items can be as creative as you wish and can either help the guests guess what they represent or they can be totally random and unrelated to make for a complete surprise.  Have several courses and have each guests pick several items for each course.  A sample menu can be downloaded here and below is the sample menu answer key and a list of other possible utensils with silly names.

Sample Menu Answer Key:
  • Mutt Warmed Over-----------------Hot Dog
  • Underground Icicles----------------Carrots
  • Sticks-------------------------------Celery
  • Kay Delight-------------------------Maccaroni and Cheese
  • Peter’s Pantry----------------------Salad
  • Snake Tongue----------------------Fork
  • Amazing Grace---------------------Corn
  • Risen Heaven-----------------------Bun
  • Starchy Death----------------------Funeral Potatoes
  • Sweet Leprechauns----------------Brownies
  • Pucker Power-----------------------Lemonade
  • Piped Dreams----------------------Straw
  • Sword in a Saber-------------------Knife in a napkin
  • Lover’s Pleasure--------------------Spoon
  • Earthquake-------------------------Jello
  • Scared Streakers-------------------Chicken Strips

Possible Utensils for a Crazy Dinner:
  • Spatula-------------------------------flat hand
  • Whisk---------------------------------dead spider
  • Knife–--------------------------------butcher’s extension
  • Potato masher-----------------------spud fauna
  • Chop sticks---------------------------branches of Asia
  • Can opener---------------------------jaws of life
  • Slotted spoon------------------------leaky shovel
  • Skewer-------------------------------needle
  • Tongs---------------------------------crabs claws
  • Measuring spoon---------------------quantifying dollop  
  • Ladle----------------------------------spade of plenty

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