Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How to Make a Party Inviting

I have a bachelor's degree in advertising and am very aware that you can have a fabulous product but if nobody knows about it, you aren't going to make much money. While it is true that parties are not products and can be well attended even if the invitation isn't fancy--and sometimes even when the invitation isn't even extended, there are things you can do to add to everyone's anticipation and excitement for your party that enhance the whole experience and help most parties go more smoothly.

An invitation sets the stage and gets the guests excited long before the party begins. You can purchase invitations or make them easily at home. If the party is for your child, including them in the process will add to their experience and help them feel special. The invitation gives you a chance to introduce the theme and gives your guests all of the necessary information pertaining to your event.

Important information to include in the invitation:

  • Whose party it is and, if necessary, why you are having a party (If it is a birthday party the guests will want to know so they can bring a gift, unless you specifically say "No Gifts")
  • The location of the party including the address and any special instructions with regard to the location
  • The date of the party (and often it is nice to state the day as well)
  • The starting and ending time of the party
  • A phone number and or email address for the guests to respond to and ask questions
  • RSVP information and if an exact head count is needed include a request for a response by a certain date 
  • Alternate plans in case of inclement weather for outdoor parties
  • Meal information, such as if you are serving lunch, dinner or just light refreshments or cake
  • Any special information, such as something to bring or wear to the  party, the time you will be leaving your home for a special activity, or if the guests will be delivered home at the end of the party

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